Young Women’s Honors: The Introduction

by mwilhite

Young Womens Honors
By Katie Kingsbery
The future is female. But… seeing is believing. Your identity is a gift, but can also make you feel limited in what you can achieve. In our media-driven world, we’re constantly fed ideas about society, identity, success, intelligence, happiness, beauty, power, value and everything in between. When we can’t see ourselves within this constructed narrative, it chips away at our confidence and makes us question our place in the world. Worst of all, it jeopardizes our dreams.
Oh hell, no. Never jeopardize your dreams! You can achieve anything. Whoever you are, wherever you are – whatever race, religion, gender, nationality, age, ability, socioeconomic class, sexual preference or any other identifier – you can do anything. You can do all of the things. Even – and especially – the ones that have never been done before.
We believe in the power of the media. Let’s harness it to reclaim what it means to be a heroine in today’s society. For every young woman who has ever had a dream, but no blueprint for how to achieve it, no role model to look up to – we’re here to change that. You’ll see women from all walks of life doing what others said couldn’t be done. You’ll see women who look like you. You’ll see women who don’t look like you. You’ll hear about courageous women throughout history who have paved the way for our successes. You’ll hear about peers who are busy right now paving the way for the next generation. You’ll be part of a community of women that defy stereotypes, break barriers and build each other up. Together, we will show the world all of the things a woman can be when we stop telling her what she can’t be.

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